Message from the Sectional Head of the Special Area

I am honoured to have the opportunity to send a message to the website of our college.

Siyane National College of Education is leading the way towards the production of effectine science teachers today .Our curriculum enables the prospective teachers to develop their pedagogical knowledge which are essential for teaching science effeectively. There is now a greater need than ever before to establish and strengthen the learner-centered approach to teaching science. Therefore, the science is noe set for an accelerated drive for enchancement of implementing learner-centered science lessons in the real classroom setting. In this regard I thank Mr. J.A.A.Chandrasiri, the President of Siyane NCOE for his valuable support and supervision . I also thank the science staff for their relentless help for me to continue our efforts.

With warm regards,

A.A.D.Amarathungha .

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